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Categories Of Construction Jobs

Due to the many building and construction activities going on all over the place, many people can be able to get a job that requires them to have a specific skill that can be useful in building houses or industries, construction of roads or airports. Depending on the project that has been started, there are a lot of people that should be given responsibilities to contribute in ensuring that the project is completed successfully and that all the safety requirements are met to provide structures that can last long enough. Whenever there is a construction job going on, it is common to find all types of laborers with different things expected of them depending on their level of skill whereby the skilled ones work on the important details that will make the project successful, the semi-skilled drive the machines and devices used at the construction site while the manual laborers are tasked with carrying materials.

The first job that is necessary to kick-start a construction process is given to an architect whose role is to conceive an idea about a structure that can be constructed while providing all the details about how it can be designed and all the required supporting systems. After a design has been made to represent the structure to be constructed, the second person who is a construction cost estimator now comes in to evaluate the size of the proposed structure, the materials that will be needed to build it and the amount of labour that will be sufficient to finish the project. The a cost estimator is then required to extensively research on the amount all the materials, the workers and the machines will need to do the job, and then he will quote the amount for the organization in charge.

The third individual who is now given responsibility after the project finally starts is the construction manager who is the person in charge of keenly monitoring the work being done during construction to make sure that everything is being done accurately and that the structure that will be built at the end of the job meets the required standards.

The bricklayer will now start supervising the process of mixing and laying of the necessary materials in the order and composition that is required so that the foundation of the building can be laid and then the rest of the building can be constructed.

During construction, equipment operators are also required to be present to operate the machinery that will be used during the construction process including the cement mixers, the drills and the excavation trucks.

Lastly, after the structure has been built, a carpenter can be brought in to do the roofing while an electrician can be hired to do wiring.

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