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Debt Settlement: Why it May be a Good Option

With debt settlement, an arrangement is negotiated between a debtor and their creditor, where the debtor repays a fraction of the amount owed as full satisfaction for their debt. Once your creditor has agreed, you only clear a proportion of the amount owed, and the balance is cancelled permanently. Many debtors find this approach advantageous in many ways depending on their specific financial circumstances.

Here are some benefits debt settlement can provide to debtors in distress:

Bankruptcy May be Avoided

A lot of debt consumers choose settlement as a way to evade bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a good option out of debt in some circumstances, but it’s a blot on your record for the remainder of your life. Your credit record will stop bearing your bankruptcy information after 10 years, yet, you may have to indicate if you ever declared bankruptcy each time you seek a loan or employment. If your response is no, but the bank discovers later that you did file bankruptcy, charges of fraud may follow you. You could also be fired for not telling the truth.

If executed well, debt settlement is a reliable way for evading bankruptcy or having to face its consequences, which can be dire. After seven years, your credit report will stop revealing your debt settlement. Still , no public database reveals your debt settling history, so once the credit report time bracket for the specific debt accounts has expired, you’ll never face the matter again.

Reprieve From Overwhelming Debt

Settling your debts with creditors is a practical solution especially if you have valid explanation for not paying back your debts. The moment you’ve successfully negotiated and paid the settlement to creditors, it’s taken a relatively shorter time and smaller cost to achieve debt freedom than paying off as required under the original loan contract.

At the same time, many lenders won’t mind this strategy as opposed to bankruptcy. In a lot of scenarios, creditors won’t squeeze a lot from you, including under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, unlike what settling can offer them. And if you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the prospects for recovering anything are small. The majority of such creditors will want to avoid this in case there’s a more viable way out, so they may accept your offer.

With a proper debt settlement arrangement, you can become debt-free in 4 or even 2 years. That means you’re able to start reorganizing your finances sooner without the burden of paying out any amounts on a pre-agreed schedule.

Debt settlement may be your legitimate key to financial freedom sooner. Engage your creditors with a view to settling in a way that resolves your financial circumstances today and tomorrow.

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