Best Mobile Apps To Help You Find Cheap Flights

Some of the great tools you can find when searching for cheap flights are already up and about. Have you discovered one lately? There are numerous downloadable phone apps that you can use if cheap airline tickets are what you are looking for.

Five of the Top Mobile Apps for cheap flights that get the most views today include:

Kayak- 34.1M visitors

Kayak is a phone app that helps people get the best deals online in terms of flight, hotel accommodation, and car rentals. Regardless whether you are using an Android or an iOS device, you can have access to Kayak. The app itself produces real-time search results with the use of multiple search engines. It gives every traveler a chance to view a forecasted price for a certain date and a price history table. When they are unsure whether to take the deal right away or wait for a certain period of time, the tools on the app will help users to arrive at the best decision.

Momondo – 5.2M visitors

Momondo will initially ask you to enter your travel and return dates, choose which city you are traveling to, and eventually present a picture of the city. Once you click search, you can toggle between the tabs found on top of the page to see the cheapest, the quickest, and the best flights towards your destination. It has lightning quick filtering of results with ratings to help you come up with the right decision.

Airfarewatchdog – 3.5 M visitors

With Airfarewatchdog, viewers can set up alerts to get cheap airline tickets. Airfarewatchdog experts have added the Top 50 fares of the day to let customers choose the deals that best suit their needs. Travelers can even have a list of unpublished ticket prices through an online inquiry. As you look for an affordable flight, you can also search for a value-packed hotel to get the best value for your money.

Hipmunk – 2.3M visitors

Hipmunk provides every traveler a convenient way of planning a travel. It has a list of top flights and hotel with great deals whether you plan to travel on weekdays or weekends. It alerts passengers ahead of time if the flight has no frills, where they will have to pay extra when you want to seat on a specific part of a plane and for the baggage allowance, or if it is a basic flight where overhead carry-ons are not allowed. The app immediately shows which flights have wifi, perfect for those people who want to stay connected with their loved ones.

Skiplagged – 1.8M visitors

Skiplagged is your partner when you want to get a plane ticket and a hotel booking within your means. The app allows you to compare the cost for one-way or round-trip flights with the cheapest fares on top. Available for both Android and iOS users, this app will help you see any fluctuation on prices to know in advance which dates offer the best ticket price. When you click on the calendar, you can easily see the dates with the lowest fares since they are highlighted.

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