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Coffee: Where Does It Come From and How Does It Get That Flavor?

All over the world, people find that coffee is one of the most common drinks that can be found. Coffee is definitely one of the few types of drinks that people can have that comes in many different styles, but also different tastes and textures. There are really only two different beans that are able to create all of the different flavors of coffee out there that you love today. The names of the two types of coffee beans are Arabica beans and Robusta beans. After the beans are chosen, the flavor that the coffee will be is decided on dependent on where the coffee is from and how the beans are prepared.

Most of the time, Arabica beans will be the best types of beans that people will want to use when they are making coffee. For this reason, Arabica is a more common term for people to know rather than Robusta. There is a statistic out there that says every three of four cups of coffee are made out of Arabica beans. The reason that many people prefer to use Arabica beans is that they have more taste and flavor than the Robusta beans. In addition to that, Arabica beans are more prevalent and widely grown than Robusta beans.

Just because Arabica beans are the types of beans that are most common doesn’t mean that Robusta beans are less than or are not going to still make a great cup of coffee. A lot of the Robusta beans that you might find are going to be the same types of coffee beans that are used for instant coffee or freezer coffee. These beans are less expensive to buy and use than Arabica beans. In addition to this, it may surprise you to find that Robusta coffee beans are the most common type of bean that is used in coffee that you would get at a restaurant.

Many different flavors of coffee exist, so it is obvious that there must be a wider variety of factors out there that end up affecting the way that these beans taste once they are turned into coffee. The main reason that the same beans might taste differently comes down to how the beans were prepared. Another factor is where the beans are grown. Darker beans typically will have a bolder taste than the lighter beans, so color of the bean actually does have an impact on taste.

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