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How You Can Whiten Your Teeth at Home

Have you been seeking for the best solution to whiten your teeth but feels that the cost of professional whitening procedures is too high for you? If you are tired of hiding your yellow teeth, there are several remedies that you can apply which will come at a cheaper cost than seeking a dentist. Everyone aspires to make the best first impression and the key to making it is ensuring that we have white teeth as it also serves to show that we are in good health. Use the following methods as they will keep your teeth white.

One of the ways of whitening your teeth is using activated charcoal which is porous and can easily absorb outside materials. One reason why you can bank on the use of activated charcoal is that it doesn’t hurt your enamel but it will absorb any stains from your teeth. Another advantage of the use of activated charcoal is that it doesn’t leave your teeth sensitive and thus one can apply it on daily basis in the form of a gel or paste and also in capsules or vitamins.

Food also works, apart from charcoal, and strawberries, in particular, whiten your teeth as they contain malic acid. Malic acid has proved to be effective in removing any tough stains while they also do not hurt your enamel.

One can also use onions when they are seeking to whiten teeth as they have compounds which eliminate possibility of tooth decay. The onions contain sulfur which is capable of getting rid of harmful bacteria but to benefit from the onions, eat them uncooked.

One can also use the whitening strips and pastes which can be obtained easily from the stores. The whitening strips and paste may be useful, but they will cause teeth sensitivity when you use them often.

Dark chocolate may sound like a contradictory option, but the reality is that it helps whiten your teeth. Chocolate will serve to keep your teeth strong while it will also keep your gums strong; all you need is to keep brushing your teeth.

Another popular method of whitening teeth is the use of baking soda and Hydrogen peroxide. The mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide may not be a great one, but the results are, as the mixture helps get rid of harmful bacteria.

If you seek to whiten teeth using safe, natural methods, consider using orange, lemon or lime peels which are efficient in keeping your enamel safe from harmful bacteria.

Apple cider vinegar is also an option as it has antibacterial properties and will thus help get rid of destructive bacteria while promoting the growth of good bacteria. Fish and fresh coconut oil are also options as they help reduce the risk of gum disease.

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