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Qualities of a Good Marketing Plan One may ask themselves whether there is a marketing plan that is fool proof. For any marketing strategy to be effective, it should be able to convert some customers and for this to happen there are some important qualities to be kept in mind. A marketing plan is a frame work that must be followed to transform into a killer strategy. The five qualities are outlined below and clearly explained. Product focus is not simple as it always is focused towards the market. This implies that the product shall vary according to the trend, age and gender. For instance, when it comes to clothing for women of different ages, the product may be very different, the young may want something very versatile while those in 50’s may want semi-formal dresses. when the product to be marketed is shoes, shoe how the short women could appear taller in them to make the campaign to be effective. The market focus should be defined. To be frank about the issue on market focus, it is very hard to please everyone and the moment a strategy tries to achieve this, it will only amount to losses. When it comes to market focus, make sure that the trending fashion as well as sex and age of the market is clearly articulated. Most of the times, focusing on the market enables one to understand the likes of the targeted audience. Of outmost importance to be considered is the purchasing power of the targeted audience. Sometimes, you may find that your targeted audience has a range of taste, it is then important to divide the market into conquer, divide and choose.
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Anything to be marketed should be quantifiable and must be ideally in numbers. Include all the details, major and minor as detail information has a crucial role in marketing. The strategy should be measures in order to make it possible to determine the return on investment.
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In order to achieve better results from your strategy, it should be accountable as well as show some level of responsibility. each individual in the marketing team should have a specific role to achieve as well as results to be seen. Making each individual accountable ensures that a keen eye is kept to ensure that they handle the responsibilities that have been allocated to them. Achievers should be rewarded while failures should be reprimimanded. A perfect marketing plan requires absolute involvement that one must be committed to it. Each person should know their job and also should be aware of the outcomes. A marketing plan has steps to be followed from setting goals to measuring quantifiable results.