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Caring and Managing the Lawn

Having a well-maintained lawn can be very refreshing and add to the serene atmosphere of a home or commercial setting. The expertise and time spent in maintaining the lawns are reflected in its outlook. Manhattan Kansas lawn care services are offered by various corporations which people can contract for professional care.

One of the services provided by Manhattan Kansas commercial landscaping is aeration of the Lawn. Aerating the lawns should be done during the autumn or spring when there is active growth of turf. With core aerators a minimum of two and a maximum of four passes is sufficient.

Other than the climatic season there are other factors to be considered when aerating the lawns. The other instance when the lawn should be core aerated is when the soil is severely compacted. Core aerating comes in handy for lawn with bare portions which have to be overseeded.

Lawn care done by commercial companies must include irrigation. If the target is to have high-quality lawns then irrigation should be done during the summer otherwise medium quality turfs can be allowed to go dominant. Lawns that have been left to go dormant in the summer can survive for three months while on the ground but to sprout they have to be watered.

When mulch is applied it has various benefits to the lawn. Mulching reduces amount of moisture lost from the soil. When organic material is applied as mulch it makes the soil to be more fertilized. Well uniformed mulch significantly adds to the beauty of the lawn.

It is also vital to identify the time when the lawns require overseeding. Overseeding in areas that are not necessary can cause the lawns to grow poorly. Only the lawns grown during the summer or in rocky ground may need overseeding.

If you are a resident of Manhattan the best company to contact is the Manhattan KS professional service. The company offer quality service and pride themselves when the lawn of their customers looks amazing.

Manhattan KS commercial landscaping have the best equipment for landscaping and caring for the lawn. Manhattan KS lawn sprinklers can be installed by the company at any time so as to ensure that the crops are water throughout the season.

The company offers repair and maintenance to the sprinkler system. The company also offers additional services including free estimates. Customers can also benefit from getting services at the time which they feel is most appropriate. The contact information and services provided are available on their website.
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