What are the possible ways in which you can book cheap flight from Mumbai to Bangalore

A vacation, that will calm your senses and soothe your body and soul, which is exactly what you need in this hectic lifestyle that we all have adopted. Honestly, there is no better place than Bangalore to do the same. A destination which is known for its beauty and aura that is so serene and pristine that you would not want to leave this place.

So how about taking this Bangalore trip that you have been planning since forever in your head, during one of these long weekends? You are in Mumbai and Bangalore is almost stone throw away. Thankfully, 2018 has too many long weekends that can be used for one of these getaways.  After all, we all need a break in our day to day life to get us out of your everyday monotony. So don’t think much and start looking for those Mumbai to Bangalore flights at lowest airfare.

Getting a low airfare can be a little tricky but here are some ways in which you can book your tickets at really reasonable rates.

  1. Sign-up for cheap fare alerts – Firstly make sure you do your search for your tickets on various flight search engines. This will help you in knowing the prices of different airlines on one website.

Secondly, while you do this, make sure you subscribe to their cheap fare alerts. Just add in your flight details and the website will regularly drop you an alert mail or notification informing you the drop in the airfare.

  1. Flexible with date and time – When it comes to doing your search in finding affordable tickets for your desired destination make some compromises. Convince yourself to make an early morning or late night flight and preferably on a weekday.

Keeping these two things in mind while getting your tickets booked will get you pocket-friendly airfares that won’t give you a mini heart attack. There is another way that you can save money which is- visiting your holiday destination during the off-season.

This is not that bad of an idea as Bangalore has its own charm in every season. Especially in monsoons, it is pure love.

  1. Booking flight legs separately- While getting your tickets booked, try and get both side tickets booked in two different airlines and get them done separately. First book your one side and then return tickets. This too will help you save some cash in a smart manner.
  2. Booking your tickets ASAP – Once you are clear and have decided on the dates that you want to fly out, wait no more. Get your tickets done early and on time. Waiting for the last minute in the hope of getting a sudden discount can do a big damage to your pocket.

It is better you get them booked early once you know about your flying dates. Looking at the prices over and over again will make the airline companies aware of your flying dates and they will show you increased prices every time you check them next.

  1. Clearing the cookies in between airline ticket searching- Yes, most of us are a creature of habit. We like to keep checking the websites in the hope of seeing a drop in the airfare tickets to our desired destination. But hang on. When we do so our activities are getting tracked and the airlines fool us by showing increased rates every time we check.

Therefore, when you sit to search the next time make sure you open a new window to do so and delete all the cookies from your history and start fresh.

Not just this but searching in private mode or incognito is also a good idea to do the same.

Make sure that all these points are there in your mind or in front of you whenever you decide to book your tickets. If done smartly you will be able to save some serious money that one can use for something else or some other trip. So, stick to these rules and book yourself Mumbai to Bangalore flights at lowest airfare.